Healing In The Right Time

Healing In The Right Time

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In my yoga teacher training, we’ve been covering the yoga sutras one by one. The first sutra is,

I. With humility (an open heart and mind),

we embrace the sacred study of Yoga.

When studying the sutras, it’s taught that you should take your time and follow your intuition on how long to study each sutra. I started a few weeks ago, but I honestly haven’t gotten past the first one. While really looking into this sutra and opening my heart, I’ve come to realize that it’s a universal truth. In anything, whether it’s learning yoga or any other teaching, you have to be open and willing to accept the lessons and teachings. Without opening yourself up to it, you’ll never absorb it.

It’s the same with healing.

If we don’t completely open our hearts and minds to the healing process, how can we expect our body to be able to heal itself? Our culture today looks for quick fixes and wants immediate results and responses… But that’s not how it works. Everything happens at the right time. The universe/God/ whatever your belief system is, will give you everything you need… in the right time. I truly know this procedure was brought to me at the right time because I know with every ounce of my being I’m open and willing to be healed.

The following is an excerpt from a journal entry I wrote while headed out to Colorado for my procedure. I thought it was a great way to kick off my posts related to how my procedure went…

Currently I’m sitting in 18D headed out to Denver, Colorado. My mom and dad are sitting in front of me and I’m finding it hard to contain my excitement!! I can hardly believe that this is happening. It’s been 6 months since I first found out about the procedure and 3 months since I scheduled the procedure.

So much has happened to get me to this point.

Countless doctors appointments – some providing hope, but most really giving no sense of positivity whatsoever. I spent months in bed, doing nothing. I’ve undergone 5 surgeries, 6 nerve blocks, thousands of pills and have racked up too much money to count in bills from appointments, alternative therapies and ways to keep my mind, body and spirit in tact. I’ve lost relationships, gained amazing relationships and have truly found myself.

Many people who have AVN will be the first to complain that they don’t have the money to afford a stem cell procedure. It’s not a cheap treatment by any means, but is there really a price to pay for getting your life back? I honestly think that price tag is priceless. Especially when you’re 29 and you have so much life ahead of you. Many people dread turning 30, but I’m honestly excited! My 30’s are going to be my best years yet!!!

I feel drawn to this procedure in so many different ways, but one mainly being that I truly believe my Pap Pap guided me to find it. I was impatient at first, wanting to have the procedure done sooner rather than later…. But jokes on me! Everything happens in the right time! The universe always gives us exactly what we need, when we need it. As I sit here today, I can whole heartedly say that this is the right time. This is the time I’ve been working towards. Mentally I’m strong, physically I have my inflammation under control and pain at a manageable level and spiritually I’m as inspired as I’ve ever been.

unnamed-2It’s so easy to look at hard situations and think it’s not fair or that we want to give up.
It’s so easy to dwell on the ‘Why Me?!’ and the ‘If only I would have…’
It’s so easy to look past all of the small things we take for granted and see that life is still amazing and awe inspiring despite hardships.

The struggle is part of the journey. No one has it easy in life… No one.

The way we pick ourselves up after we fall is so important. The months where I laid in bed crying for an answer, praying that I find a fix, hoping for my life back… I can only imagine my guardian angels supporting me and whispering back ‘all will be well in the right time’.

As Americans, we all want a quick fix. The latest pill or diet fad to shed the extra pounds, the over the counter meds that take our pain away or the injection that allows us to normalize our blood sugar. But that’s not sustainable. It’s not realistic

In order to create health and wellness, we need to take it one step at a time. Work on creating healing at a mind, body and soul level. Only then, can we truly experience healing.

I always thought I took care of myself, but my physical appearance is only part of the equation. I now realize had I tried this procedure 2 years ago, hell even last year, I really don’t think it would have been successful.

I truly believe that now is the time.

Now is my time.

Now is NOT when I ‘get my life back’, but when I realize I’ve had my life all along.

Now is the perfect time when both my heart and soul are open and accepting.

Now is my whole healing time.


Wishing You A Pain Free Day!






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