What The Heck Do You Eat?!

What The Heck Do You Eat?!

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Since my announcement last week, I know you’ve been anticipating my first video, and you could hardly contain your excitement 😉 But the wait is over! Here it is!!!!

Ask Juls – What The Heck DO You Eat?


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Don’t know about Enjoylife chocolate? It’s ammmaazzzinngggg! It’s free of the top 8 allergens and it just quality chocolate! Now, you have to eat in moderation because it does contain cane sugar, but there’s no soy, there is no dairy, there is nothing else added to it that doesn’t need to be there! Check out your current stash of chocolate… I bet there’s GMO soy and definitely dairy hiding in your bars, chips or whatever else you may have in your house! I order mine in bulk on amazon. (Here’s an example!) I’m finding that more and more places are carrying this chocolate. Target, Giant Eagle, Whole Foods – Check it out! This is a small change you can make for yourself.

So I ask you, what the heck do YOU eat? Are you eating the right things for your body? Are you giving it the nutrients and fuel it needs to help live your best life?

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!







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