5 Dating Tips For Singles With A Chronic Condition

5 Dating Tips For Singles With A Chronic Condition

I was always the type of girl who had a boyfriend. Seriously, from like 15 years of age until 28, I had a boyfriend about 90% of the time.

It wasn’t until the last 2 years that I really was forced back into the dating scene and a lot of “shit” was brought up. One of my biggest revelations was brought up by a great guy I dated for a bit this past year and one of my top read blog posts is Why Match.com Was One of The Best Things I’ve Done On Disability.

I have written about several different male prospects throughout the pages of this blog over the years and in doing so I’ve realized some major key factors in dating with a chronic condition. This week the NPF published a blog, written by myself, on the 5 things I think are important for any patient with a chronic condition to consider when dating.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, take some time to check it out! Click the photo to be taken to the article.


5 Tips for dating with a chronic illness itsjustabadday.com

What are your top dating tips for dating with a chronic condition? Comment below!

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