Healing From The Inside Out

Healing From The Inside Out

I recently wrote a post for HealthCentral talking about why diet is so important when combating psoriatic disease – or really any chronic condition for that matter.

I whole heartedly stand behind what I wrote in the post, but I believe there is much more to the puzzle than just diet.

We must love ourselves, inside and out, in order to achieve healing.

We must support our bodies systems the best we can, in order to achieve healing.

We must be committed and motivated to do whatever it takes, in order to achieve healing.

I received a question on twitter a few weeks back, to which I’ve been recording and writing a series of blog posts in response to, but the question was “Do you think an elimination diet helped manage your psoriatic arthritis?“.

Short answer? Yes, oh hell yes.

Long answer? Yes, but there were also many other factors that went into achieving the management of my disease I have today. Diet, lifestyle, stress management, exercise, supplements, detoxing . . . there are many different factors that went into helping me manage my condition. BUT, what I will say, is that diet is a very important component to that equation.

I was reading this article “Healing Your Body From the Inside Out” on DoYouYoga.com and it really resonated with me. We MUST approach ourselves with love. We MUST be accepting of our gifts and our flaws. We MUST be grateful for the big and the small. I love the quote the author says “Body balance is so much more than the fun class you can take at your local gym.” It really, really is.

So I’d love if you checked out this (what I believe is) really important post about how diet affects autoimmunity. And stay tuned for the next few Wellness Wednesdays as I bring you my video and blog response to the question “Do you think an elimination diet helped manage your psoriatic arthritis?”

Why Diet Is Important In Fighting Psoriatic Disease

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