Chronically Grateful Is Now Released!

Chronically Grateful Is Now Released!

So it took me a few months (ok, to be honest, I totally was dragging my feet on it. I’ve been busy!!), but I’ve finally finished and released my eBook “Chronically Grateful”.

Back in November, I hosted a #chronicallyGrateful challenge on Instagram (click here to see my blog post about it). This challenge was created to help chronically fabulous patients realize there is so much more to their lives than the negative aspects we so often dwell upon. We all have a choice each and every day. There are negatives and there are positives – it’s our own choice to decide which aspects get our attention.


The idea started, and was initially executed, as an instagram challenge. Each day, during the month of November 2015, myself and 5 other amazing individuals posted the challenge questions on instagram. And it took off like wildfire!! We had a wonderful response!

Curious about how it went? Check out this instagram post from the challenge. Click on it to be taken to the comments/discussion!

Day 4 of #ChronicallyGrateful is one that can be hard to decipher. It’s something that may take years before you really see the positives and “best things” that come from negative situations. There are many things that I look at as being positive things I’ve gained since my diagnosis, but I think the BEST thing is I finally feel like I’m living my purpose. I truly believe my darkest moments have helped reposition my career trajectory and have completely changed my mindset. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my whole life with the least amount of things I’ve ever had. It truly is all about perception! Make sure to check win @fitaimee_ra tomorrow for day 5!!

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I truly believe that the questions that we asked helped others think through aspects of their condition that they might often overlook. The response was overwhelmingly positive and we had so many wonderful people participate. Once the challenge was over, others who had missed the challenge wanted to participate! That’s where the idea to turn it into an eBook came in. This eBook will walk you through each of the daily challenge questions and allow you to complete the challenge at your own pace, on your own time. It’s meant to be completed within 30 days, but there are no rules! Take as much time as you need to complete each day.


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After you download the book, I’d love to know your thoughts! Let me know if you’re taking the challenge and what you think. One of my favorite books is Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles. It’s a 40 day challenge that helps to shift your thinking from fear to love. I honestly go back to that challenge every few months and retake it. As we go through different seasons of our lives, and different experiences, our perceptions and answers change. Even if you took the challenge back in November, your answers may change and more thoughts and emotions may emerge.

So make sure to check it out and embark on the challenge!


Wishing You A Pain Free Day!

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