Am I Weird?

Am I Weird?

Happy Day After Christmas!!!!!! I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted … and more 🙂

During Christmas activities, Christmas movies came up a lot. Since Halloween my tv had been permanently set to hallmark and lifetime (with Up and LMN thrown in the mix every so often), watching cheese Christmas movies. The more cheesy the BETTER!


Hahaha! I find this too funny! hahaha
Hahaha! I find this too funny! hahaha

Lately, I’ve been noticing that I keep seeing characters popping up that have me asking the question, “Am I weird?”.

Characters like yogi mothers, people believing in more holistic treatments, people watching what they eat at Christmas time . . .

I mean, I know that most of the people I know don’t have GMOs and inflammation on their brain 24/7, but . . . am I weird? Am I turning into that weird, kooky person who everyone thinks is ‘wacky’.

Here’s what I mean . . .

Example 1: Hallmark’s A Very Merry Mix Up

The mom in this story is on a macrobiotic diet, is studying under a guru and is cleaning her chakras because she feels that her energy is stuck. It does make for an entertaining movie, because it totally makes you like the other mom better, but why is wanting to nourish her body bad? Why is she looked at in a negative light and made out to be very cold and unwelcoming?

Example 2: Lifetime’s Secret Santa
Hahaha ohhh hipster Santa
Hahaha ohhh hipster Santa

A daughter comes home to take care of her sick Dad. She tells her Dad that as long as she’s there he won’t be eating any GMOs. He gets so angry and yells at her saying that it’s elder abuse! Haha!! This character is also portrayed in a negative and cold light too.

Example 3: Showtime’s The Affair

The main character’s Mom comes into town from The Omega Institute, where she lives and works. She goes to see her own Mother who is in a nursing home and gets into a big fight with her Daughter. The Mom wants the Grandma to try some holistic options and to try to ween her off her meds. The whole episode the Mom is painted in a negative light and when she leaves at the end of the episode, everyone is happy.

Hahaha – I really don’t have an important point to this story, only to point out how I think it’s funny that all the holistic, healthy people are portrayed as cold, weird hippies that are out of touch with reality.

I swear these characters are popping up everywhere! Have you seen any movies that have a character like this?

Speaking of judging people based on false pretenses (haha) – On pinterest the other day I saw this fun info graph on christmas light colors and what personality types would be more inclined to hang which. I’ve talked about light therapy before, but this is a fun holiday themed ‘therapy’! haha




I’m a white colored lights with red and gold accents kind of gal. A few years back, I had a 13 foot Christmas tree that we decorated beautifully! I miss my tall tree 🙁 one day when I’m healthy enough to live on my own I’ll get it back!

My Dad loves putting colored lights outside, we have white and gold in our entry way and on our upstairs tree, and our family christmas tree has colored lights – sometimes blinking (this year it’s solid). One thing we can agree in our house is that you should NEVER mix white AND colored lights in your yard.

What do your lights say about you? 😉

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!