Elimination Diet – What, How & Why?

Elimination Diet – What, How & Why?

Last week I told you that I truly don’t believe there is a one diet fits all! I suggested doing an elimination diet to see what foods you tolerate and which you need to avoid or remove completely. Today’s video is a little longer and goes into the what, how and why of an elimination diet!

Elimination Diet – What, How & Why?

Resources I suggest you check out –

This is just a SHORT list. There really are so many great resources out there!

Why Eliminate? Infographic on elimination diet. Elimination Diet resources | itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.com

Julie Daniluk 

Website: Julie Daniluk

Books: Meals That Heal Inflammation & Slimming Meals That Heal Inflammation

Why I Like Her: Julie’s Meals That Heal Inflammation was the first elimination diet book that I started working with. I believe she gives some great information in her books and it’s very easy to follow along. It’s a basic elimination diet and doesn’t dive into legumes, grains and other foods that may cause you problems. It’s a wonderful place to start!

Donna Gates: Body Ecology Diet

Website: The Body Ecology Diet

Book: Body Ecology Diet 

Why I Like Her: My philosophies align with Donna’s in a lot of ways. Her ‘diet’ doesn’t just include foods to eat and not to eat, but it also brings in some guidelines for eating. Food ‘rules’. The 80/20 rule, food combining principles and many more. I believe that the fermented foods Donna talks about are essential in helping to clean up our gut!


Dr. Amy Myers 

Website: Amy Myers MD

Book: Autoimmune Solution 

Why I Like Her: As I was finding my way along my own healing journey, I experimented with a lot of different principles. I was surprised to find that what I found to really work outlined in Dr. Myers book. Through my own trial and error, I had been focusing on 80% of what Dr. Myers tells her clients to focus on. The part that she really helped me with was supplements. She has a great guide to follow and, although it can get costly, it can make a word of difference!


Dr. Mark Hyman 

Website: Dr. Hyman

Book: 10 Day Detox 

Why I Like Him: I love Dr. Hyman because he’s one of the top leading Functional Medicine doctors out there. There really are so many different schools of thought on elimination diets and how long to take foods out for. Dr. Hyman has put together a 10 day detox that can help you jump start your healing journey. It’s a good place to start, but in my opinion, if you have autoimmunity issues you definitely need MUCH longer than 10 days (but that’s just my opinion!). I like to show this video of Dr. Hyman & The Today Show in my nutrition classes.


Sarah Ballantyne

Website: The Paleo Mom

Book: The Paleo Approach 

Why I Like Her: I feel like reading her site and her book is like taking a college level course in nutrition. I’ve learned SO freaking much from this lady! My copy of her Paleo Approach is so dog eared and marked up it looks like I’ve had it for 20 years. I’m really into the science behind why we make changes and why some things work and some don’t work. This is your girl if you’re like me and want that information!

Julie Cerrone (hey that’s me!)

Website: juliecerrone.com & itsjustabadday.com 

Self Paced, Online eCourse + Workbook: Elimination Diet 101 eCourse

Why Me: I’ve created a 5 step eCourse to completing an elimination diet. I’m a visual person and like to hear and see things. That’s why, after working with many different clients and working through my own elimination diet, I’ve created a course which will help you complete your own elimination diet. Along with 2 hours worth of videos, you’ll get a 50+ page workbook (I think it ended up being like 63 pages?) with TONS of resources, shopping lists and guides, recipes and more! Oh AND there’s a bonus module within the course which helps you explore other foods once you’ve identified your top triggers. I TRULY believe every single chronic condition patients should complete an elimination diet. I made this because I really wish I would have had something like this when I first started! Check it out today!!

Check out my webinar –

In May 2015, during the International Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis’ World Autoimmune Day Online Conference, I helped present a Kitchen Wellness Inside & Out presentation. Check out a replay of the presentation here for some tips on foods to cut out of your diet to help manage inflammation!



It’s important to remember – 

1. Keep a journal about everything! What you ate, how you felt, your mood, your thoughts, your activity. All of it plays a part and jotting it down during your experiment will prove to be extremely beneficial to yourself!

2. You can still eat SO SO SO well! Don’t allow yourself to feel deprived. Search online for awesome recipes. Check out my Pinterest for anti-inflammatory/elimination diet friendly recipe ides and some old posts about my journey with the elimination diet!

3. Have fun and enjoy the journey. Remember that you’re doing this for YOU! It’s going to help your health immensely. You’ll know your specific trigger foods and you’ll never ever ever ever ever have to fad diet again!!!!!

It’s important to have support while making big changes in your life. I absolutely love helping to coach clients through elimination diets because they really can see the benefits of them right off the bat! If you’d like to know more about my coaching, check out my coaching page. 🙂

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!







Want help on completing your own elimination diet? Check out my self paced, online eCourse!

Elimination Diet 101 Self-Paced eCourse




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