#AskJuls – Lunch Options? Picking A Good Tuna Fish Option!

#AskJuls – Lunch Options? Picking A Good Tuna Fish Option!

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Looking for an easy, on the go lunch option? Remember these things when looking at tuna!



Tips to remember when picking tuna | Ask Juls itsjustabadday.com juliecerrone.comTips to Remember:

1. The less ingredients the better! (always going back to this video!) You can always add your own pink Himalayan salt or sea salt to your tuna.


2. Look to see how it was caught. Wild caught tuna is best – avoid farm raised tuna.


3. If it includes other ingredients, look to see if it’s organic. For example – on the can I looked at in my video, one of the ingredients was soybean oil. There was nothing on the label that assured me it was non-gmo, therefore, that oil was definitely genetically modified. Make sure to thoroughly investigate, especially when it includes corn, canola, vegetable or soybean oil!


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