Some Crazy Science Stuff . . .

Some Crazy Science Stuff . . .

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“Every time you have a thought, you have a biochemical reaction — and those biochemical reactions also interact with your immune system,” she says. There are studies, too, that show immune system changes with exercise, meditation, sleep, and even with the micro biome: “Understanding these interactions is a fascinating and important area of research.”   New Study Shows Biological Differences In People With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


If you follow my blog or my social media outlets, you already know my fascination with research aimed at the microbiome, epigenetics and autoimmunity. I read the above article and couldn’t agree more – EVERYTHING we do, everrryytthiiinnggggg, causes reactions in our body.

dangerous_question_1_409905What we think and how we perceive situations will cause different chemical reactions in our bodies.

What we ingest will cause different reactions in our bodies.

What we’re around, what’s in our environments and what we put on our bodies all cause different reactions in our bodies.

There are so many different factors to control, it can seem like an overwhelming task of trying to take them all on at once.

I’ve written many posts about these topics – GMOs in your Supplements, Detoxing: What You Put On/In Your Body Medicine Wise, Detoxing: What You Put On Your Body, Detoxing: What You Put IN Your Body… to name a few.

I’ve given you suggestions on ways to cut down toxins in your body so that your cells have the fuel they need to properly work . . . but this video does a great job at explaining why reducing those toxins is so important!

Just because you have a genetic predisposition to something, doesn’t necessarily mean you HAVE to have it. By avoiding toxins, and changing some routines, we can start to control our gene expression!

When you give your body the right fuel it needs, then your cells can play the symphony of you PERFECTLY!

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!