What’s An Easy Way To Add Meditation To Your Day?

What’s An Easy Way To Add Meditation To Your Day?

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I get ‘I have no idea how to meditate’ or ‘where the heck do I even start?!’

Today’s #AskJuls video digs into an extremely simple way to add mindfulness to your day.

Caution: after you watch this video you won’t have any excuse for not doing a mindfulness activity everyday!

Tips from the video

Adding mindfulness to your daily routine can be as simple as these 3 steps:

3 Simple Steps! What's an easy way to add meditation to your day? | itsjustabadday.com Helping chronically fabulous patients make lifestyle and dietary changes to their lives to help live their best life possible!1. When you sit down to eat, take a deep breath and center yourself in that moment. Realize where you are, what’s going on around you, what you’re about to eat!

2. Take a bite of your food and focus in on your senses. What does your food smell like? Taste like? Is it crunchy or soft or textured? Does it instantly bring up a memory for you? Take a few moments to enjoy that bite of food.

3. Take another bite and repeat! As you eat your meals, do it with intention of enjoying every single bite. Put away your phone, step away from your computer or TV and REALLY ENJOY YOUR MEAL! Isn’t that what we should be doing anyways? 😉

Seems too simple? Try it 😉 Over time this ‘simple’ activity will start to make you more in tune with ALL your daily activities. Start with dinner, then maybe move to something in the afternoon or perhaps focus in on the activity of brushing your teeth!

Wishing You A Pain Free Day!

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