Is Your Life In Balance?

Is Your Life In Balance?

Are there questions in your life that you are not answering? 

So, I’ll be honest, there are questions in my life that I’ve been avoiding exploring. Why? Because I’m scared of the answers. I’m scared of the path I’ll have to take, the work I’ll have to complete and all of the unknowns!

I push them to the back of my mind because I’m scared!

We all have questions – some may pertain to your love life, your family, your career, your creativity, your spirituality… There are so many questions that we can have in our lives.

Will I ever get better?

Will I ever receive a diagnosis?

Do I know what I need to heal?

Will I ever know what my purpose in life will be?

What am I supposed to do? What should my next move be?

Will I ever have a family? Or even, will I ever meet the love of my life?


What if I told you exploring these questions is essential to your health? Would you believe me?

Our body functions as a whole – if one thing is off, it will result in a cascading effect.

For instance, if we don’t feed our body the fuel and nourishment it needs, we can create an hormonal imbalance in our bodies. If that hormonal balance becomes chronic, then it can manifest into other problems such as weight gain, fatigue, low libido, anxiety, depression, excessive sweating, digestive problems, cravings, and insomnia (to name only a FEW).  Then, if we continue to ignore those symptoms, we could end up with chronic conditions like autoimmunity, diabetes, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, endometriosis, alzheimer’s, allergies, heart disease, osteoporosis, and cancer (again, to name only a FEW).


Our entire life is just the same.

If we’re not functioning in our true purpose, if we’re not being true to ourselves, we then create stress and friction in our lives. That stress and friction will start to affect our bodies in some way – maybe creating a hormonal imbalance, maybe overtaxing the liver or kidneys, or maybe by lowering our immune systems function resulting in an infection or take over of an otherwise harmless pathogen.

Everything in our lives is “food” to our bodies. Not just what we out in our mouths. (Learn more about primary vs. secondary food here!)

So, if we’re living under constant stress, fear, or anxiety, we’re feeding our body non-nourishing food. We need to be cognizant of all the food were feeding our bodies – especially if we’re sick with a chronic condition. In order to achieve whole healing, we MUST focus on our mind, body AND spirit! 

I’ve mentioned it before, and I’ll continue to mention it, because I think it’s so important! You have to identify which areas are in and out of balance in your life – just like the Circle of Life exercise I’ve talked about before. Doing personal growth exercises, like the Circle of Life, are vital to helping you realize what food you need to balance out.


Yesterday, I started a blossom + flow workshop. Myself, along with 7 other Pittsburgh women, will meet every other Sunday for yoga, coaching, discussions and exercises focused on personal growth. It’s fun because I’m NOT leading this program – I’m just a participant! I’m really pumped for the switch and I’m excited to be coached and pushed by a beautiful life coach and supported (and also coached) by some amazing women from around my area.

Our first session was great – started off with a vinyasa flow, followed by discussion and then a personal growth exercise. When I work with clients, my first session is ALWAYS about getting clear vision of why you’re doing what you’re doing and starting to talk about what is in and out of balance. That’s exactly what we did in this session! I’m always preaching about how we need to take stock of our live, but I’ll admit, I don’t do it as often as I should. The exercise we completed was the “Wheel of Life” and was a little different from the Circle of Life, but the principles were exactly the same. Completing my Wheel of Life showed me that since the last time I did a Circle of Life (which was back in October) my life had shifted and there were definitely different things I needed to focus on that I wasn’t focusing on before.

My “wheel” (or circle) really showed me that I was putting off answering many questions that I needed to explore within myself. I’ve talked about exploration of self and answering questions before (check out this old post), but I really feel like taking time to get to know our inner selves is one of the most transformative things we can do. If you don’t know where to start, I suggest heading over to Dr. Lissa Rankin’s Mind Over Medicine page and downloading her self-healing toolkit. Within her toolkit, she has like 10 pages of questions that you can use to help explore yourself. I printed these questions out and keep them in my journal. If there really isn’t a lot of things going on that day that I want to write about, I pull out the sheet and explore one or two of the questions.


So, my charge to you this week is this . . . are there questions you’re putting off in your own life?

You may be asking yourself, well shit, I have no idea?! How can I know if there are any questions that I’m not answering?! And that’s simple – go complete a Circle of Life and see if there are any areas out of balance.

Then, start exploring that area more.

Why is it out of balance?

What can you do to make it more of a priority?

What can you stop doing to help you excel in this area?

What can you start doing to rock in this area?


January is always a time to start a-new and reconnect with ourselves.

Remember, “eating healthy” doesn’t pertain to JUST the food you’re putting in your mouth, but it encompasses ALL the food in your lives!


Wishing You A Pain Free Day!

Julie Cerrone | Spoonie, Autoimmune Warrior, Certified Holistic Health Coach, DoTerra Wellness Advocate, 200 RYT Trainee, Reiki 1, Nutrition Geek, ePatient Advocate, IT Consultant, Pittsburgh Based Practitioner Living the Chronic Life